About Journal of Financial Education

The Journal of Financial Education (JFEd) is a peer-reviewed SoTL journal dedicated to promoting and publishing rigorous, quantifiable research on issues concerning finance education with the goal of improving the quality of finance education worldwide. JFEd welcomes the submission of manuscripts that help improve the teaching of finance through empirical research that examines hypotheses regarding teaching and learning, pedagogical papers that validate the effectiveness of new or unique approaches to teaching finance topics, case studies, and literature reviews.

More specifically, JFEd seeks articles that focus on:

  • Educational Research – original theoretical and/or empirical studies that analyze and evaluate: teaching methods, student learning processes and outcomes, teaching and learning attitudes, student satisfaction, and learning environments/materials.
  • Creative Pedagogy – research that describes and validates unique approaches to teaching in general or new ways to teach specific topics in finance more effectively.
  • Curriculum Development – empirical investigations addressing distinctive approaches to finance programs, enhancements to the finance major, and studies that examine the function of finance within the business curriculum.
  • Technology – studies that examine the use of technology in the classroom and/or evaluate the effectiveness of alternative formats and environments on student learning and satisfaction.
  • Literature reviews – papers that offer extensive reviews of current relevant finance education research.
  • Cases – well written, real company case studies that are field researched rather than written with publicly available information (see the Case Study page for detailed description of the types of cases desired and requirement for case submissions).

NOTE: Assurance of learning is a requirement of all articles published in JFEd.


Authors who want to refine the use of English in their manuscripts might consider utilizing the services of SPi, a non-affiliated company that offers Professional Editing Services to authors. SPi specializes in editing and correcting English-language manuscripts written by authors with a primary language other than English. Visit http://www.prof-editing.com for more information about SPi’s Professional Editing Services, pricing, and turn-around times, or to obtain a free quote or submit a manuscript for language polishing.

Please be aware that the Journal of Financial Education and Advances in Financial Education have no affiliation with SPi and make no endorsement of the company. An author’s use of SPi’s services in no way guarantees that his or her submission will ultimately be accepted. Any arrangement an author enters into will be exclusively between the author and SPi, and any costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the author.

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